Learn authentic English

Welcome to my website. My name is Steven Berridge and I created this website for all intermediate to advanced learners to practise their English skills

I have created Blogs, short stories about Life in the UK, Business and Situational English lessons, as well as Slang and Idiomatic language exercises.

An exciting feature for vocabulary lovers, is a Personal Dictionary for you to store all of the words you have learnt on my website, or anywhere for that matter! You can import the words into your Personal Dictionary in Excel format or manually. You can also play 3 fun Word games which will intensify your learning process.

For most posts there are Crossword and Word Search puzzles for you to test yourself, before and/or after you have read the stories or lessons. Moreover, you can watch and listen to nearly all of the posts on YouTube. I also create and add learning material for Instagram every day.

Enjoy your stay and come back often. I plan to update my Blog and many of the other topics on a weekly basis. Feel free to contact me, to notify me of any mistakes you might find, or absolutely anything else you want to tell or ask me. All serious enquiries will be answered!