Welcome to your own Personal Dictionary. You can use it to store words that you learn here – easily imported in Excel format – or any word groups that you want to store and use to learn.
To help the learning process, there are 3 word games for you to play in combination with the Personal Dictionary. Simply use the word groups you have imported into ‘Groups‘. You will need at least 4 words per group, in order to test your vocabulary.
Personal Dictionary English
Feel free to download the Excel files from my Blog, Slang and Life in the UK posts to import into your Personal Dictionary. Alternatively you can create your own list in ‘Groups’ (click + to start adding words) or upload your own lists to ‘Import’. You can find an example of the Excel format by downloading ‘export example’ in the Import section.
IMPORTANT: In order to use the Personal Dictionary and the word games, you will need to register for an account. You can delete it at any time you want.
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