Nowadays, we spend more time than ever on our mobile phones and sometimes we even make a telephone call! In this video, I would like to give you some essential phrases for making and receiving calls.

Without further ado, let’s start with how we typically answer the phone:

Hi, hello, Ed speaking.

Good morning / afternoon / evening / day.

Thank you for calling English Today Limited, Ed speaking, how may I help you?

You are connected to Frank in the Sales department, what can I do for you today?

My name is Justin, who’s calling please?

Here are some phrases of how the caller can introduce him or herself:

Hi, it’s Irene.

Good morning Ed, it’s Jackie from the Marketing department.

Hello Ed, it’s Janet from Brand Y. I’m calling about next week’s meeting.

Hello, my name is Susan Brown. I would like to place an order for a new printer.

Hi Ed, it’s Cathy calling.

It is possible that the person who answers the phone, is not the person you wanted to speak to. If so, you could ask:

May I speak to Frank please?

Is Jenny there?

Can I speak to someone in Accounts about my invoice?

When will he be back at his desk?

Who is responsible for purchasing printing paper at your company?

Here are some phrases that the person called can use to try and connect the caller:

Please hold, I will put you through to her secretary.

One moment please, I will connect you.

Yvonne is not here today. Can I connect you with one of her colleagues?

Just a second, I will get him. Please hold the line.

All of the Sales team are busy, but the wait shouldn’t be long. Would you like to hold?

If we are not able to speak to the person we wanted to, we can use these phrases to leave a message:

Okay, could you ask her to call me back, please?

He can reach me on my mobile any time. He has my number.

Can you tell Mrs Davies that I called and I will try again later.

Just tell her that I will be at the meeting this afternoon.

Could you ask Simon to call me when he gets in?

And these are the phrases the person called, can use to take a message:

I will tell Sharon that you called.

Can I take a message?

I will let her know you called, as soon as she gets in.

I am afraid he is not at his desk. I will tell him to ring you back.

Would you like to leave a message?

I hope these phrases have made the right connection with you.

Getting connected on the telephone

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