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Elect – choose (someone) to hold public office or some other position by voting
Racket – a loud unpleasant noise
Placards – a printed or handwritten notice or sign for public display
Billboarda large (outdoor) board for displaying advertisements
Perish the thoughtused, often ironically, to show that one finds a suggestion or idea completely ridiculous or unwelcome.
Campaign trail – engaged in a political campaign
Slogan – a short and striking or memorable phrase used in advertising
Debate – a formal discussion on a particular matter in a public meeting
Squeeze – manage to force into or through a narrow or restricted space
Bench – a long seat for several people
Manifesto – a public declaration of policy and aims
Intention – a thing intended; a plan or aim

Hi, my name’s Ed. Welcome to Ed explains English. Learning English through stories.

I wanna be elected!

You and your Alice Cooper songs. We heard you singing School’s Out all summer, and now we have to listen to this awful racket.

Just imagine if I were elected and became Prime minister

I think we’d rather not Ed.

My face would be on the placards and billboards all over the country.

Perish the thought.

On the sides of busses too. In fact, I’d have my own bus to go on the campaign trail.

What would your slogan be?

With Ed, we can.

It’s not very original, is it? I seem to remember a similar slogan.

I can just see myself in the House of Commons, debating with the opposition leader at Question time.

Order, order.

What do you want to order Judy?

That’s what the Speaker of the House says, to calm down the angry politicians.

Oh yes. To be honest our politicians look a bit silly all squeezed tightly together on those uncomfortable looking benches. Maybe the first thing I would organise is new seats for everyone.

That’s a good start, but to win the election, what would your manifesto be?

My mani what?

Your intentions of how you would make this country great again.

Oh, that sounds familiar. Wasn’t that…?

Don’t mention that man’s name in this house.

No, I won’t Judy, I know how you react.

Well I would start by really making the UK bike friendly, with cycle lanes in every street.

This from a man who drives to work every day.

Only because the roads are too dangerous.

I’d also like free internet for everyone, old and young.

That’s a great idea. Might be the first one you’ve had all week!

Then everyone would be able to read our posts on Instagram and watch our videos on YouTube.

That would get my vote. I want Ed to be elected. Elected.

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