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Politeness – The act of showing regard for others
Etiquette – Rules governing socially acceptable behaviour
Adhere – Closely follow and observe arranged plan
Sincerely – In a genuine and heartfelt manner
Bad manners – Lack of polite or social behaviour
Valid – Officially acceptable
Society – People living together in a community
Bump into – Meet someone by chance
Clumsy – Awkward in movement or in handling things
Punctual – Happening at the agreed or proper time
Interrupt – Stop someone speaking by saying or doing something
Queue – A line of people or vehicles awaiting their turn
Utensils – Tools or other articles for household use. E.g. knives and forks
Slurp – Drink or eat making a loud sucking noise
Burp – Noisily release air from the stomach through the mouth
Compliment – A polite expression of praise or admiration

Hi, my name’s Ed. Welcome to Ed explains English, life in the UK

Today, I’m joined by my wife Judy, and we’re here to talk about politeness in the UK. Without further ado, I’ll let Judy start, after all, it is ladies first.

Well, it might have been in the 1960s Ed, but I think that this type of social etiquette should be adhered to, but it doesn’t need to be mentioned anymore.

Really? I’m sorry. I am clearly out of touch.

No Ed, it’s okay. It’s just because you’re getting older. Is that a grey hair I can see?

What! Where? No, I don’t think so. Otherwise I’ll have to get the cartoonist to colour it in very quickly. But do you think that people are not as polite as they used to be?

Sadly, I think that might be the case. There was a time when you would open the car door for me, or any door for that matter, but I can’t remember the last time you did it.

Now I feel bad Judy. Sorry, I sincerely apologise, I….

Okay, it’s fine Ed, we are here to tell our viewers about politeness, not about your good, or should I say, bad manners.

Yes, you are right. In your opinion Judy, which manners are still valid in today’s society?

Well, I think our Ps and Qs are still very important.

Our Ps and what?

Pleases and thank yous, Ed. It’s very important to say please, before you would like something and thank you, after you’ve got it.

Okay, anything else?

Yes, saying excuse me if someone is in your way and pardon me or sorry, if you bump into them.

Fine, I do that all the time. Say excuse me that is, not bump into people!

Well, since you started wearing contact lenses, you have become a bit clumsy. Anyway, other important things, are being punctual for meetings and appointments.

Yes, I’m sorry I was late this morning, but…

I wasn’t finished Ed. It’s polite to let people finish what they were saying and not interrupt.

Oh, sorry.

It goes without saying that you have to queue, at the bus stop and in shops.

Oh, those Qs again!

When you are in a restaurant, it is good manners to wait until everyone has their meal before you start. You should use the utensils and not your fingers, unless it’s a barbecue meal. You should avoid slurping when eating soup, and say pardon me, if you burp.

I’ve heard that it is a compliment of the chef’s cooking in France.

I’m still not finished Ed. If you are invited for a meal at someone’s house, it’s polite to take a bottle of wine or flowers. You should also compliment them on the décor of their house and the meal afterwards, of course.

Okay Judy, you’ve explained a lot about being polite, for our viewers. So, I’d like to thank you for that. I’d also like to invite you out for a meal now, so I can practise those new tips.

Well, they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but we can try.

That’s great, I say we go to our favourite Indian restaurant.

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