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Hit the big time – Reach the highest or most successful level in a career, especially in entertainment
Strike it lucky – Have good luck in a particular matter
Flop – A failure
Whizz-kid – A young person who is outstandingly skilful or successful at something
Ace – To do exceptionally well in something
Come unstuck – Fail completely
Win hands down – Win easily
Wipe the floor – Defeat someone very easily in a competition or an argument
Dud – A thing that fails to work properly or is otherwise unsatisfactory or worthless
Walkover – An easy win
Notch up – Achieve something
Cut the mustard – Come up to expectations, reach the required standard
Work like a charm – Used when something is completely successful or effective
Cooking with gas – Functioning particularly effectively, achieving something substantial
Coming up roses – Everything is going well for them for someone

Just once in my life, I would like to hit the big time. Strike it lucky. But every time, I come unstuck and my plan flops.

That’s not true Ed. You might not be a whizz-kid, but you ace most things you do. Anyway, what has flopped?

My attempt to get into the pub pool team. I came unstuck in my final match and now I’m not sure whether I’m in or not.

Well it’s good to see you tried to make a go of something. Keep practising and I’m sure you’ll succeed.

I thought I could win hands down, but my opponent wiped the floor with me. He thrashed me. I was hopeless. I’ve never felt such a dud.

I bet it wasn’t that bad. You probably just had a bad evening. You are certainly not a walkover.

No excuses. He won hands down. He hammered me. He notched up another win and I just didn’t cut the mustard.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. My Dad has a pool table and you can practise with him. I’m sure getting a few tips from him will work like a charm. After a short time, you’ll be cooking with gas and be ready to notch up your first win.

You really are a great motivator Judy. I feel better already. I’m pretty certain that everything will be coming up roses in my pool career, very soon.

To test your knowledge, why not do a crossword puzzle, using words from this text?
To test your knowledge, why not do a word search puzzle, using words from this text?
Success and failure slang

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Here are some further slang expressions, some of which were not used in the story.


Bob’s your uncle (exp) – Used to express the ease with which a task can be achieved

I was trying to loosen the screw, and Bob’s your uncle, it just came off.

Cat’s whiskers (n) – An excellent person or thing

He thinks his new car is the cat’s whiskers. He cleans it every day

Doddle (n) – A very easy task

This job is a real doddle. We will be finished very quickly.

Easy−peasy (adj) –  Very straightforward and easy (used by or as if by children)

I can’t believe you don’t know the answer. It’s easy-peasy.

Get off the ground (exp) – Make a successful start

My husband is trying to get his new company off the ground. I wish him luck.

Give it some (exp) – Put some effort into something

You all have to give it some, if you want to win this match.

Give one’s right arm (exp) – Used to convey how much one would like to have or do something

I would give my right arm to be able to go on that trip to Disneyland. I’ve always wanted to go there.

Got to hand it to (exp) –  Give credit to

You’ve got to hand it to her, she did a great job.

Off the hook (exp) – No longer in difficulty or trouble

I bought her some flowers and now I’m off the hook.

Going places (exp) – Likely to become very successful

Ollie is really going places. I’m sure he will be boss of the company one day.

Hack it (exp) – To complete or tolerate a task or situation. Usually used in the negative

I don’t think she will hack it here. She hasn’t got the temperament.

Hammer someone (exp) – Defeat somebody convincingly

Brian hammered his rival in the elections. Nobody believed it would be so easy.

Make a go of something (exp) – to succeed in doing something

I think you should make a go of it. If you don’t try, you will never know.

Sew something up (exp) – Bring something to a favourable conclusion

That is the game sewn up. What a goal it was too.

Strike (it) lucky (exp) – Have good luck in a particular matter

Diane really struck it lucky by meeting Brian. He’s absolutely perfect for her.

The big time (exp) – The highest or most successful level in a career, especially in entertainment

You are in the big time now. Enjoy it, because it’s a great feeling.

Thrash somebody (exp) – To beat somebody convincingly in competition

Boris thrashed Jimmy at tennis. It was unbelievable.

Works like a charm (exp) – Used when something is completely successful or effective

Offering him a beer when he comes home in the evening works like a charm. Let me choose what I want to watch on the television, every time.


Bodge−up (n) – A makeshift repair

The repair job was a real bodge-up. But at least we were able to drive home.

Give up the ghost (exp) – A machine break−down, total malfunction from age or use

My old motorcycle finally gave up the ghost. I had ridden it for 25 years though.

Glitch (n) – An unexpected setback

I’m certain we’ve just hit a glitch. We will find a solution.

Gremlin (n) – An unexplained flaw, malfunction or error

I’m sure it must be just a gremlin, because it worked fine earlier.

Up the creek without a paddle (exp) – In trouble

I’m afraid we are up the creek without a paddle, because we have run out of petrol.

Come unstuck (exp) – Fail completely

Rovers came unstuck when they were promoted to the first league. They got relegated, only getting 15 points all season.

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