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Eye-opener: something that opens one’s eyes to a new idea, fact, or experience, often surprising or revealing
Beefy: strong and muscular, or substantial in size or weight
Guns: muscles in the upper arm
Six-pack: a set of six muscles visible on the abdomen, often as a result of a fit and toned physique
Skinny: thin, especially in an unhealthy or undernourished manner
Beanpoles: people who are tall and thin
Roly-poly: rotund or plump
Beer belly: a protruding abdomen, often as a result of excessive drinking of beer
Five o’clock shadow: stubble appearing on a man’s face by the end of the day, often visible on the chin and cheeks
Tats: tattoos
Look-see: a quick look
Saucers:  eyes
Big beak: a large nose
Hooter: nose
Peepers: eyes
Pearly whites: teeth, especially when they are white and healthy
Pegs: legs
Gob: mouth
Tummy:  stomach
Bonce: head
Plates of meat: feet
Rubbernecking: looking at something or someone in an overeager or nosy manner, often to the point of twisting one’s neck
Clock: notice something

Taking that part-time job at the fitness studio has been a real eye-opener. It sometimes reminds me of a circus.

Should I be worried, with all those beefy bodybuilders displaying their guns and six-packs?

That is of course the ideal body shape, but you see a lot of skinny beanpoles or roly-poly men with beer bellies. Not to mention the five o’clock shadows and tats.

Are you talking about the women now? I will have to visit you when you are next there, so I can have a look-see.

You’ll be amazed at what you see. Your eyes will be like saucers. Wait until you see our new receptionist.

I’m all ears. Has she got a big beak and hooter?

No, she’s very attractive. She’s got beautiful peepers and pearly whites. She’s got lovely long pegs too.

She sounds very nice. Are you going to tell me she’s got a big gob and tummy like your father.

I wish you wouldn’t be rude about him Ed.

Only joking my dear. Is there something wrong with her bonce?

No. It’s her plates of meat. They are like a clown’s. You should see the men rubbernecking when they clock them.

In that case, I’m sure she’ll be a perfect ringleader for your circus.

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Body parts and senses slang

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Bag of bones (n) – A very thin person

She is just a bag of bones nowadays. We need to fatten her up.

Blub (vb) – To cry, weep

Every time we watch a sad film on the television she starts to blub.

Spare−tyre (n) – A roll of fat around one’s midriff

I’m going to the fitness studio. I’ve got to get rid of the spare-tyre around my waist.

White−knuckle (adj) – Characterised by extreme excitement or fear

That was a real white knuckle-ride at the funfair. Shall we go on it again?

Gawp (vb) – is British slang for to stare stupidly, gape

Look at them gawping at us. I was sure that she said it was a fancy dress party.

Keep an eye (exp) – To observe, watch over

Can you keep an eye on the kids while I go to the shops?

Shell−like (n) – Ear

I think I need to have a word in Mike’s shell-like. If he doesn’t work harder he will lose his job.

Beak (n) – Nose

Our teacher is easily recognisable. His beak looks like an owl’s.

Beanpole (n) – A tall, thin person.

My brother is a beanpole. You wouldn’t want to stand behind him at a concert.

Beefy (adj) – muscular or robust

Mandy’s new boyfriend is so beefy. He spends most of his day in the gym.

Beer belly (n) – A person’s fat stomach caused by excessive consumption of beer

My husband’s beer belly is so big, that his t-shirts don’t fit anymore.

Bonce (n) – Head

The ball came out of nowhere and hit him on the bonce.

Five o’ clock shadow (n) – A dark appearance on a man’s chin and face caused by the slight growth of beard

The latest trend among young men, is to have a permanent five o’clock shadow.

Gob (n) – Mouth

Shut your gob, otherwise you’ll be sorry.

Guns (n) – Bicep muscles

All the swimming Mike has been doing has given him those impressive guns.

Hooter (n) – Nose

The boxer was punched on the hooter and he was knocked out immediately.

Kisser (n) – Lips and mouth

The bee stung him on the kisser. It looked awful.

Loaf (n) – Head (brain)

I wish you would use your loaf. You can’t wash your red socks with the white ones.

Lugholes (n) – Ears

Look at the lugholes on him. They look like elephant ears.

Noggin (n) – Head

I don’t know what’s in that noggin of yours. It’s certainly not a brain.

Pearly whites (n) – Teeth

Sheila has got lovely pearly whites. She’s married to a dentist.

Peepers (n) – Eyes

With those peepers, she looks like a movie star.

Pegs (n) – Legs

When she wears short skirts, you can really see how long her pegs are.

Pinky (n) – The little finger

The ring he wears on his pinky was his father’s.

Plates of meat (n) – Feet

My husband’s plates of meat are so bad, that we find it difficult to find shoes in his size.

Roly-poly (adj) – a person who has a round, plump appearance

He might be roly-poly, but he’s a fast runner.

Saucers (n) – Eyes that are wide open

The children had eyes like saucers when they saw their new bicycles.

Six-pack (n) – Abdominal muscles

I have to train my stomach muscles for 30 minutes to retain this six-pack.

Skinny (adj) – A person or part of their body that is thin

You wouldn’t believe David was a skinny kid, when you see him now.

Tats (n) – Tattoos

When you go swimming, you see just how many people have tats nowadays.

Tubby (adj) – Rather fat

I might be a bit tubby, but the fat keeps me warm in the winter.

Tummy (n) – Stomach

Did your tummy just rumble? I guess you’re getting hungry.

Weedy (adj) – A person who is thin and physically weak in appearance

Linda’s new boyfriend looks a bit weedy, but she says he’s strong.

Wimp (n) – A weak and cowardly person.

Don’t be a wimp. You have to tell Mum that you broke her favourite vase.

All ears (exp) – Eager to hear something

So what’s the latest gossip at work? I’m all ears.

Clock (vb) – Notice

Did you clock the way she was looking at him? I think she’s in love.

 Look-see (n) – A closer look

Let me have a look-see at your new engagement ring.

Pongy (adj) – Smelling bad

After the experiments in the science laboratory, the room was a bit pongy.

Rubberneckers (n) – People, normally car drivers, who stare out of curiosity

The police arrested some rubberneckers for causing the long traffic jams.

Whiffy (adj) – An unpleasant bodily odour

How many days have you been wearing those socks? They’re a bit whiffy.



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