Well done, bravo and congratulations! These are phrases that we love to hear, because it means we have been successful, even if it is something as simple as being one year older! Let’s look at some other phrases we can use for passing on our congratulations in different situations. For example, what would we say, if a friend has got a new job?

Well done

Well deserved

Good for you

I’m so pleased for you

When our son or daughter scores a fantastic goal in a football match, we’d shout:

Way to go

Great job

Nice one

Get in!

However, sometimes a simple adjective can do the trick:





I bet we all fantasise about being the hero in an action film. So, when the bad guy is defeated and we triumphantly return, we may hear:

Take a bow

Hats off to you

I salute you

I commend you

Here are a few ways of modestly responding to the congratulations.

Thanks, you are too kind

Oh, it was nothing special

Thanks, but I really didn’t deserve it

That’s nice of you to say

Finally, here are a few examples, using the phrases you’ve heard.

“Congratulations on getting a new job.”

“Thanks, you are too kind.”

“Great goal!”

“Cheers, it was nothing special.”

There are plenty of ways to congratulate someone, so why don’t you give it a go? Your friends will thank you for it!


Click on the image to watch a video about how to Congratulate in English

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