My birthday is coming up soon and I am going to have a party. I will invite all my friends, maybe you can come too! So here is the first invitation phrase: I invite you to join me to learn some useful vocabulary and phrases. Let us have a look at how we can invite people in various situations: 

Can I invite you to have lunch with me tomorrow?


Would you like to come to my birthday party on Saturday evening?


How about going with me for a cycle ride later?


We cordially invite you to our daughter’s wedding on September 16.


Why don’t you join us for lunch this evening?



What about a cup of tea?


Do you want to go to the cinema tonight?


Why don’t you come with us?


How about playing golf on Friday morning?


Let us meet at 11 o’clock.

Here is how we can accept the invitations:

Thanks, I would like that very much.


We would be delighted to come.


That is a great idea.


Thank you very much for inviting us.


What a delightful idea.

Sure. Thank you.


I would love to, thanks.


With pleasure!


That is fine, see you then.


Okay, I’m looking forward to meeting you.

And this is how we can turn down the invitations:

I’d like to, but I’m busy all day.


I’m so sorry, I can’t make it.


I’d love to, but I have other plans.


Thank you for asking me, but we will be away on holiday then.


Sorry, I don’t think I can make it.



Sorry, I can’t. I must leave now.


I don’t think I can. Sorry.


I wish I could, but I have made other plans.


Unfortunately, I have no time then.


I’m very sorry, I don’t think I can.

I’m sure that you can use these phrases in the near future

Invitations in English

Click on the image to watch a video about how to Invite in English

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