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Sparkling water: Water that has been carbonated to create bubbles and fizz.

Cheers: A common toast or expression of good wishes and congratulations often used when raising glasses and drinking with others.

Fruit machines: A type of gambling machine, often found in pubs and arcades, that uses spinning reels and symbols to determine payouts.

Cribbage: A card game for two players that involves scoring points by forming combinations of cards and moving pegs on a special board.

Knowledgeable: Having a lot of knowledge or information about a particular subject or area.

Specialist: An expert or highly skilled person in a particular field or activity.

Binge drinkers: People who consume large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time, typically with the intention of getting drunk.

Prop up: To spend time drinking alcohol at the bar in a pub

Underage drinkers: People who consume alcohol below the legal drinking age in their country or state.

Local: Referring to a particular area or community, often used to describe a person, business, or event that is specific to that area.

Chillax: A colloquial term meaning to relax or calm down, often used to encourage someone to take it easy and not get too worked up or stressed out.

The usual, Judy.

Yes, please. Can you get me a water too.

Of course. Here you are my dear, one white wine and sparkling water.

Thanks Ed. It’s rather quiet in here. Where is everyone?

It’s still a little early, it’ll start to fill up when the football match is over.

Was there a match today? You could’ve warned me.

Relax. United won, so all their fans will be happy. Anyway, cheers.

Cheers. I saw Ted at the fruit machines. He plays on those things all the time.

He just sits near them Judy, he doesn’t play on them all the time. He normally plays cribbage with Jack.

The same Jack who plays in your quiz team?

That’s right. He’s very knowledgeable, especially when we get history and geography questions.

What’s your specialist subject?

Subjects Judy. Sport and music. Would you like a game of darts?

Not really, I’ve been on my feet most of the day. It’s nice to be sitting down.

Oh, here comes the first group of binge drinkers. They’ll be here all evening, propping up the bar.

Isn’t that Simon? He’s in Ed junior’s class, so he can’t be eighteen yet. I didn’t think they’d serve underage drinkers in our local.

Chillax Judy, that’s Tom, Simon’s older brother. They just look similar.

That’s okay then. Just think you and your son will be able to have a pint together for the first time, next year.

Err, yes. That’s right Judy, our first time.

Has he been here drinking with you before Ed?

Oh look, I can get served at the bar. Will be back shortly my dear.


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