In my other presentation post ‘Greetings and Signposting’ –  I suggested you will need a story or an anecdote to warm up your audience. Have you got one? Perhaps you can write it in the comments below. I have to give a presentation next week and need some ideas!

Okay, let’s start by looking at phrases when you refer to charts and graphs:

This graph gives you a break down of the monthly figures.

If you look at the line chart, you can see that the sales peaked in March.

This graph shows you the positive growth.

This chart illustrates how the figures fluctuated in June.

Let me use a graphic to explain this.

I’d like to illustrate this point, by showing you this photo.

The following phrases will help you deal with interruptions and questions:

We’ll be examining this point in more detail later on.

I’ll come back to this question later in my talk.

I’d like to deal with this question later, if I may.

Perhaps we could discuss this point at the end.

When you think your audience has not understood everything you have said, you might need to paraphrase:

Let me just say that another way.

In other words.

To make myself clearer, maybe I should rephrase that.

What I meant to say was.

Put another way, this means.

To put it in simpler terms.

When you are coming to the end of your presentation, you should first summarise, then thank the audience:

Finally, let me remind you of some of the issues I’ve covered.

In conclusion, let me sum up my main points.

I’d like to conclude by summarising the main message of our strategy.

It was a pleasure being here today. Thank you for your time.

That brings me to the end of my presentation. Thank you for your attention.

That is the end of my presentation. Thank you for listening.

If you are not the only one giving a presentation, here are some phrases you can use to hand over to the next presenter.

Now, I will pass you over to my colleague Fiona.

Steve, the floor is all yours.

I’m going to hand you over to Kate, who will tell you more about next year’s forecast.

Please give a warm welcome to Robert, our Chief Financial Officer.

Over to you Ed.

They say that a presentation should be short and sweet, so I hope this didn’t take up too much of your time.

Cheerio for now! 



Presentations - Signposting and closing

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