It’s very important when you talk with someone in person as well as on the phone, that you show interest in what he or she says! We can do this by using the phrases you will learn in this video. Let’s start with some ways we can show interest with just one word:







The next examples are a little longer, but still short. We only want to indicate that we are listening and not to break in to their conversation:


That’s great!

How interesting.

You’re joking!


Oh, no!

That’s a shame.

That’s awful.

We can also use short questions to get more information. Let’s look at some examples:

I was in London at the weekend. Who with?

The exam was so long! How long?

We went on holiday to Clipton Mills last year. Where’s that?

I go swimming at the pool near the shopping mall. How often?

I really don’t like our new supervisor. Why’s that?

You will need a carabiner hook. What’s that?

We can get people to add more information by making a statement and adding a question tag, either negative or positive.

You don’t like fish, do you?

You have never been to Greece, have you?

You are not married, are you?

You drink wine, don’t you?

You have sailed before, haven’t you?

He is in the team, isn’t he?

Finally, let’s look at a dialogue, with all of the techniques you have learnt:

We’ve just arrived back from Canada. Really! That’s great.

We flew via London. Did you?

Yes, the flight was quite turbulent. That’s awful. You don’t like flying, do you?

No, I would prefer to sail. You’re joking! 


Showing interest in English

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